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How This Builder Transformed His Business in 6 Months, Without Breaking the Bank!
Gary and his family on the day they moved their business out of their home and into a local, shared commercial premises.  A significant milestone in their business journey.
Gary was working long hours, with stress both on site and at home.
In March 2017, I received this inquiry from a concerned wife about her husband's building business:

"Hi,  My name is Caroline and I have found your details on the Certified Builders website

My husband Gary started his business around 2 years ago and we have found things have started ramping up quite a bit which is great but my husband does struggle with the business side of things.

He is a great builder who is very dedicated to the physical work, however he is trying to be everything in his business, the boss, the project manager, the person doing the quotes etc etc...

We are still trying to figure out what systems are best, the more time efficient way of working and just generally trying to reduce the stress, which to be honest is really working".

This email was both good and bad.  Bad that a dedicated, quality builder was struggling with managing his business and causing stress in the family, but good that his wife took the initiative and reached out to me.

Working long hours and sacrificing time with your family. 

We Helped Gary get control of his business, reduce his stress and improve his life.
We sat down together and analysed his situation. In Gary's own words he summarised things as follows:

"Time management and organisation were a key factor in stress levels along with feeling like I was swimming in a mountain of work. I have been pretty much a one man band with a growing business.

I was often not sure if I was running my business well and unable to really understand my reports. I was unsure where to look to get the right tools to help me grow and understand my business.

I think we also lacked the right strategy to help move forward".

Gary's situation was by no means unique. Many owners of trades-based businesses struggle with the business side of things, as they are unlikely to have received any training in business management. The big difference in Gary's situation was he decided that he needed to change things and took action. 

Over the next few months we worked on both some strategic changes to the business and Gary's thinking, together with practical, system improvements to make his business run better.

When asked to summarise the benefits that he received from our coaching session, Gary said:

"That I perhaps wasn't doing things completely wrong nor was I the only one who has been in this position. It gave me perspective.

I have also been given some very valuable tools which have already helped me understand and grow my business and also help me manage my clients better. I have a better understanding of my financial reports and have more confidence in my work. I'm also not overcomplicating how I work which has been great.

I really like the spreadsheets, templates and tools that were given to me to help manage what I am doing.

I have used the templates for creating proper JDs for my guys, I have adapted and regularly use the Pre Inspection template, the construction process template and the budget template - this was particularly good at helping me work out profits from jobs".

With newly gained business skills, Gary can now:
  • Cut down on his evening hours dramatically with the use of more template business tools.
  • Increase project gross profits.
  • Delegate project management down to site foreman.
  • Feel more confident as a business owner, with improved management skills.
  • Better understand the key numbers in his business and review them monthly.
  • Lower his stress levels and enjoy a better relationship with his wife and young child.
Gary Donaldson from
G. Donaldson Builders

Would you recommend The Trades Coach to others and why?
Gary's response:

"Yes absolutely, I found the insights and the tools that were shared with me very valuable. I think anyone who is starting out in business, or just needs help finding direction would benefit greatly from The Trades Coach.

We also found that this service is genuine, it didn't feel like it was all about taking your money - there was a real genuine "want" to help you you attitude which made us feel like this was a true investment". 
We Can Help You Start Your Own Business Transformation Journey Too With a FREE, No-Obligation "Business Benchmark and Strategy Session"
If you've been thinking about putting some changes in place in your business, increase profits and build better systems, we'd like to invite you to claim a FREE, no-obligation Business Benchmarking and Strategy session with one of our advisors, most likely me!

After you answer a few questions online and provide us with some financial data (if you choose), I will meet you either face-to-face or over Skype, analyse your existing business health, and suggest the key strategies needed to move you forward.

As New Zealand's Most Respected Construction Business Coach, You Can Trust Me to Help You Build the Type of Company you Dreamed Of When You First Started Out.
A business coach since 2005 and a construction specialist since 2012, I have helped hundreds of business owners improve and grow their companies.

My unique mix of business knowledge (a B.Com from Auckland University), big business experience, small business ownership and construction industry focus is the perfect blend of skills to complement those of my clients.  They typically have great technical skills, but are light on business skills. That's where I can help to bridge the gap.

A National Partner with the NZ Certified Builders Association, I frequently write education-based articles for their publications, together with other industry players: Mitre10 Trade, NZ Trade Group, Placemakers, BuildLink.
Andy Burrows
Founder & MD
Your Free Business Benchmark and Strategy Session Includes:
  • Benchmarking Report - An idea of how your business stacks up against others in the same industry.  This is invaluable to help you set realistic goals for the immediate future.
  • Top Performers Report - A picture of how the top quartile of businesses are performing, where they are winning and what sort of things can you do to emulate them.
  • Business Health Check Report - A traffic light based report showing you where your main strengths and weaknesses are.  Before you can change, you need to know where your starting pint is. This report will give you that.
  • Strategy Secrets  - Based on your business health check report, the key strategies are discussed to focus your planning on those areas where your greatest gains can be made. Those areas may be your weaknesses, or may even be strengths already.
  • Financial KPIs - As a bonus, I will provide you with a template of the key numbers that you should be monitoring in your business.  Your "business dashboard" in effect to help monitor the progress of your business in the future.
  • Pick My Brain - An opportunity to ask me questions about what business success in the construction market looks like, and how you can better position your business to take advantage of any opportunities.....and avoid the dangers.
What Our Past Clients Are Saying:
"...has been extremely helpful "
"The Master Class is changing the way we control our Finances and giving us real Management skills that we can & do use every day, we are now looking at taking on more staff which we didn’t have the confidence to do earlier and with Andy’s guidance we know we can have a very successful company."

- Ian and Etienne
Harbour City Plans, Auckland
"...the best business decisions I have ever made"
"We have found it immensely reassuring and helpful bouncing ideas off Andy and we are so much more comfortable with where our business stands today. We will continue to work with Andy going forward without hesitation."

- Willie
WG de Gruchy Construction, Auckland
Anonymous comments provided to NZTE Co-Funding provider.....
"Very relevant information presented in a friendly logical manner "

"Andy is professional and passionate about his work and has provided me with many tools and insights to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of my business. "

"Andy gives an outside perspective and has good knowledge of how trades operate. Very effective course."

"Has helped my business in many aspects. I feel very confident going forward in the future. Highly recommended. "

"I believe that there is something for everyone, it is just what you make of it, and take from it. Putting this into action is always going to be the hardiest part. "

"The personal service has assisted us and been very informative Andy is personable and listens to your concerns, he has very good tools that he was able to offer us to help enhance our business "

- various participants
Here's How It Works
As long as you are committed to making some changes in your business, you can claim a free "Benchmarking & Strategy Session" today.

Here's How It Works:

1) Click the button below and enter in your contact details

2) Your enquiry will be directly sent to me in my office. I will email you a link to a short online pre-meeting questionnaire and specify the financial reports I need to start the benchmarking process.

3) I will call you back when the benchmarking and strategy reports are ready and arrange to a time to meet with you to discuss them.

4) We'll spend 45 minutes or so with you one-on-one, analysing your existing business and outlining your ultimate business plan.

All at no cost or obligation.
As I spend over 5 hours preparing for each session, I can only do 5 per week (maximum) and my diary always fill up fast. 
If you're interested, make sure you register now to avoid disappointment!
You Are Protected By my 
"No Snake Oil" Guarantee...
"I don't hard sell what I do, because I only work with clients who choose me freely and who I decide to work with. 
I don't like people trying to hard sell me, so guarantee that I won't do that to you".
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