My last post introduced the issue of the Tradesmen’s Death Spiral and how building a systematic marketing machine was ONE way to help arrest the downward spiral and start to build a better business.

In step 1 we discussed FOCUS. Pick who is your ideal target.  Study their needs, fears and aspirations in great detail and focus your marketing efforts on the one target.

Step 2 is, BE DIFFERENT.

This is all about how to stand out from your competitors so it is easier to be noticed.  In marketing lingo it is known as Differentiation, or some call it your Point of Difference, or your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

It is probably easier to develop a USP if you sell a product as you can engineer unique features to match a particular demand.  Special colours, special features, special materials, etc.  It is harder to develop a USP in a service business, but not impossible.  It is also VITAL that you do develop a USP in a trades business because the basic service and products that you use are fairly generic.  It is the EXTRA things that you do will be what sets you apart.

The flip side of the coin in this area is the question, “who cares?”  It is one thing for you to develop some fantastic (to you) USP, but will your target clients get it, and will they pay you a premium for it?

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. How can you be and act differently to others?  The fastest?  The most expensive?  Cheapest?  Greenest?  Most modern?
  2. Can you GUARANTEE it?
  3. Do your target clients care and will they pay a premium for it?


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Andy Burrows – The Trades Coach