A professional business advisor, mentor and coach since 2006, and before that some 25 years involved with managing big business, I bring a wealth of business skills and knowledge to the table.  I have helped a wide range of private business owners over the years to address their frustrations, improve profitability and lower their stress.  Since 2012 I have specialised in working with the owners of construction related businesses to build systems and profitability into their operations.

With a B.Com degree from Auckland University in Financial Accounting and Marketing Management, I find my skill set complements very well with my clients. It is those areas that are often weaknesses for them and my specialist knowledge, together with my “walk with you” approach, is uniquely successful.

Coming from a background of family business ownership too has helped develop a blend of big business systems and process discipline with practical, hands-on application to smaller business reality.

My Job On This Planet

“My job on this planet is to help re-balance the risks and efforts put in by owners of independent tradie businesses with the rewards they receive.

To help owners get unstuck from where they are now, to where they want to be.

And do this as cost-effectively as possible.”


My Skills as a Business Coach

Businesses are formed to deliver on your dreams and goals, not be a millstone around your neck. As a business advisor, mentor and coach it is my role to help you to achieve the potential of why you went into business in the first place.

Unlike many other business coaches out there, I bring additional diagnostic and advisory skills to the table that will make a real difference to your business:

  • I look to build your business from a solid financial foundation through a unique diagnostic process.
  • Sales and Marketing are NOT the only answers to business growth. (sometimes they are business killers)
  • Good systems that will allow you to gain control of your business. My job as business coach is not to be in your business forever, but to educate you to run the systems we design and implement together.
  • Face to face meetings with a business coach who understands business and is in business too.
  • Resources that can be used or modified to create workable systems, giving you time to focus on the important tasks


W de Gruchy Construction

My wife and I took steps to improve our overall business knowledge by engaging Andy Burrows the trade coach to help us.

It has been one of the best business decisions I have ever made, like a lot of tradesman I lacked the business knowledge to be capable of running a profitable business mostly due to the fact no one has taught me or I didn’t go to university to study business.

After making time to regularly meet with Andy both my self and my wife have a much better understanding of how to track and plan the profitability of the business and what sort of profit we should be making for all the hard work we put in. We have now put rigid systems and contracts in place for employees and sub contractors. We have clearly identified our company culture and introduced systems to ensure our staff identify with them and display them on a daily basis. Our company has clearly identified its target markets and put systems in place to best capitalise on this.

We have found Andy to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with its such a great help being able to bounce ideas off Andy, we are so much more comfortable with where the business is at the moment and will continue to work with Andy going forward.

For any tradesman like myself who know they are a bit light on business knowledge don’t procrastinate about it grab the bull by the horns and do something about it. You won’t ever look back it will be the best money and time you have spent on your business!




Harbour City Plans

The Master Class Program set up and run by Andy Burrows has been extremely helpful to both myself and my business partner, I have been self-employed for the last 15 years and never quite got around to doing any Business management or financial courses, now that I have been doing the Master Class course I can see why I never made the sort of money we all set out to. My Business partner is new to running his own business and has also never done any other Business course.

The Master Class is changing the way we control our Finances and giving us real Management skills that we can & do use every day, we are now looking at taking on more staff which we didn’t have the confidence to do earlier and with Andy’s guidance we know we can have a very successful company.

Thanks Andy, we are both really enjoying the learning style that you offer and all the systems that you have helped us put in place really work.


Ian Penniall & Etienne Koster

Directors of Harbour City Plans Ltd.


Quantum Automation and Electrical

I have been working with Andy over the last 2 years or so to develop my business systems, here are some quick bullet points on things we have covered to help our company grow through the good times and when times are tough too.

  1. Firstly a simple documents were filled out so Andy had a good understanding of our company this was the initial step in moving forward.
  2. Andy then analyzed this document to work on the areas he felt were (lagging) and putting in place a strategy to work on the key areas needing immediate attention first.
  3. Getting simple systems into place from invoicing days to marketing timeframes and options.
  4. New marketing ideas….i.e. Sharing of information with other friends and acquaintances that have similar customer base where you wouldn’t be stepping on toes but in fact adding value to their business to .(i.e. a mechanic you may now pos has hundreds of customers that prob using other electricians (why aren’t they using you!!) share your database.
  5. Fortnightly meetings to keep motivation up and to discuss relevant information required and new issues.
  6. Terms of trade up to date.
  7. Work process from initial contact to a signed Works order form to completed job with a referral system.

These are just a few of the point covered in our comprehensive support with Andy Burrows and his team, I am sure you would benefit from working with him as I have from simple day to day changes to the bigger picture.

Regards, Scott Johnson.

Quantum Electrical & Automation Ltd