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Construction Business MasterClass

In these tight economic times it is not just important to continue to develop your business, it is vital. Often owners cut back on what they see as non-core business expenses, often in areas of marketing, staff training, and other areas where dollars spent  do not easily show an immediate return on investment.
Do not get caught in the trap of throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There is a solution to needing outside business advice, but not wanting to pay excessive monthly coaching fees.

How? By creating an environment where some of the process is done within a group setting, giving you access to the skills and knowledge of other like minded business owners, whilst still having 1-on-1 interaction with an experienced business advisor.

The Construction Business MasterClass runs for six months and consists of a monthly group meeting with a number of other like-minded business owners PLUS a monthly one-on-one meeting with your business advisor, to apply what you learn in the group sessions. The group sessions are held at a set venue and a fixed date and time each month, and the 1-on-1 meetings will be at your premises, via Skype or a location of your choice.

If you have been considering getting some external professional advice for you business to assist in growth, but have been put off by the high cost of business coaching, then please call to register your interest and gain further information.


Participant Feedback via the Co-Funding Website

“This business class has taught me a great many things and has given me great referenced on which to read back on and plan from. This is my first experience being a business manager and found the course extremely valuable. I found Andy Burrows easy to communicate with and understand so for that reason alone I would highly recommend him. Thank you for this opportunity”

“I would recommend them because they identify the weak areas in your business and offer practical solutions to implement into your business”

“Very relevant information presented in a friendly logical manner”

“Andy is professional and passionate about his work and has provided me with many tools and insights to help increase the efficiency and effectiveness of my business.”

“Andy gives an outside perspective and has good knowledge of how trades operate.”

“Very effective course. Has helped my business in many aspects. I feel very confident going forward in the future. Highly recommended.”

“I believe that there is something for everyone, it is just what you make of it, and take from it. Putting this into action is always going to be the hardiest part.”

“The personal service has assisted us and been very informative”

“Andy is personable and listens to your concerns, he has very good tools that he was able to offer us to help enhance our business”

One-to-One Business Advice

Owning a business can be a lonely place.  The transition from being a good technican of your trade to a good manager and then a good business owner can be a struggle.  The skills you need are wide and varied.  You can spend years building up those skills through trial and error, or you can fast track your learning by engaging your personal business advisor.

Need someone on your side that can help you develop those skills and the systems specifically for your situation?

Impatient and want to move forward quicker than working in a group format sometimes achieves?

One-to-one engagement may be a better option for you.

The busines advising program can be customised to your needs, from a specific project over a set time frame (developing and implementing a marketing plan, for example) to regular “executive coaching” for you as the manager/owner of your business.

Remote Coaching and Advisory

Although based in Auckland, through the use of technology, and good old fashioned mail service, The Trades Coach service is available nationwide on a virtual basis. Diagnostic workbooks can be completed at your convenience and then a remote, 1-to-1 strategy session arranged via Skype or Zoom *.  These calls can also be arranged out of normal work hours if necessary.  Online resources are available to assist you with each module and useful tools and templates can be downloaded for you to customise.

* Broadband required

Government Co-Funding Assistance

If you believe that your business has growth potential, but you are being held back due to a lack of business management skills and strategies, you may be eligible for up to 50% government co-funding to assist with your up-skilling.

New Zealand Trades & Enterprise (one of the Government’s economic development departments) has developed a nationwide program to help the owners of smaller businesses to grow their companies and see new opportunities.

If you are a business owner and you want your business to grow and innovate, the Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network can help. The RBP Network has specialist business advisors available to provide you with advice, information and connections to support your business.

“We can help you:

— gain outside perspective from an independent, experienced business advisor in a confidential environment

— identify the next steps for your business

— connect you with the local business community, industry networks and clusters.

— match you with a mentor from Business Mentors NZ

— provide access to Capability Development vouchers

— provide access to research and development (R&D) funding.”

(Regional Business Partners website)


The Construction Business MasterClass program and my 1:1 coaching program are well regarded by the funding authority and we have a good record for securing funding for participants. We can discuss this as part of our initial discussion.

“Andy is personable and listens to your concerns, he has very good tools that he was able to offer us to help enhance our business”



In this strategy session, we will perform a comprehensive health check of your company & explore the challenges you are facing and provide practical & actionable advice.

✅ No Charge & No Obligation

✅ Genuine Practical Advice

✅ 100+ Businesses transformed

Over 12+ Years of Experience

✅ Ideal for Kiwi Tradies