Quarterly accountability session

Have a business plan in place and happy the direction you are going (or not)?

Want someone outside of your business to hold you accountable for implementing your plan?

Don’t want to commit to a fortnightly business coaching programme right now?


The Quarterly accountability session could be what you need.

There is an old proverb, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions”. Hell sounds overly dramatic but in business terms it can be interpreted as meaning “Many people have good intentions of following a business plan, but most don’t”

The second half of the proverb is “But the road to heaven is paved with good actions”. So if you want to achieve the best results from your business planning intentions, you need to take action. That isn’t always the easiest when you have your head in the trenches and fighting the daily war of business. You need someone to help you lift your sights out of the trenches and on to the bigger mission from time to time. Ideally every 90-days, or more frequently if you need.


Our Trades Coach Quarterly Accountability Sessions is all about having a simple, high level business plan in place and then making sure you are kept accountable to its implementation over time.

If you don’t have a business plan we will first work together to put one together. We use a simple yet comprehensive 2-page business planning system that will help you lock in your 5 and 10 year Vision for your business and then map out the pathway for you to achieve it. One year Goals and 90-day Projects are crystalised so you have achievable stepping stones to your longer term Vision.

Each Quarterly Accountability session follows are structured format where we review the previous quarter’s financial progress, agree on key Projects to be focused on over the next 90-days and deal with any urgent issues and opportunities that are affecting your longer term plan.
Quarterly Accountability Sessions can be conducted face-to-face or via Zoom


Although it is not uncommon for Partners to Success 1-to-1 coaching clients to then go on to use our Quarterly Accountability Session service, you can choose to use this service from the start.

The main difference for a new user of this service is that our first session or two would be focused on developing your 2-page business plan as this document provides the longer term framework on which to build the accountability process. If you already have a suitably updated business plan in place, we may be able to jump right in to the review and accountability process.


A plan without actions is just a dream. There are many benefits of implementing a Quarterly Accountability Session so your plans become more than dreams, including:

  • A sense of urgency for tasks to be completed because deadlines aren’t as far out.
  • Focused time to hone in on specifics during each 90-day plan.
  • The wider team are kept on the same page
  • Inviting others generates shared understanding of what needs to be done
  • An opportunity to review company growth and adjust at the end of each quarter and make necessary actions moving forward.


If you think the Quarterly Accountability Session idea sounds like the best option for you or have a few more questions, get in touch today.