In this third posting of the series about building a marketing machine for your business, we introduce the third of our foundation strategies.  Imagine a tripod or 3-legged stool.  All the legs need to be solid and of equal length to be effective. The same applies to our 3 key strategies in our marketing machine.  You need to get these right before you go any further.

In step 1 we discussed focus. Pick who is your ideal target.  Study their needs, fears and aspirations in great detail and focus your marketing efforts on the one target.

Step 2 is all about how to stand out from your competitors so it is easier to be noticed.  In marketing lingo it is known as differentiation, or some call it your Point of Difference, or your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Step 3 is YOUR STORY.  So what makes you tick as a person and as a tradesman?  Why did you get into this game and what drives you to get out of bed in the morning and put in the long hours for the benefit of your clients? (Hopefully not an angry wife, or we may need to come up with a better story!)  What is your idea of the absolute best in your field?

In corporate lingo this might be referred to as your MISSION.  Your purpose in business, from your client’s perspective.  I typically see these done really badly by many businesses, especially big ones.  They tend to be designed by committee and end up sounding wishy-washy and not motivational at all.  Often people try to be too fancy and cover too much.  Keep it simple and focused on the very core of WHY you do what you do.

The best mission statement I have seen was one devised by Pepsi for internal purposes and to focus staff activities and attention.  It was just 2 words…..”BEAT COKE!”  How powerful is that!

Together, steps 1 through 3 form roughly what I consider is the essence of your company BRAND.  Think you re too small to worry about a brand?  Well think like that and you will stay small, or even get smaller.  If you want to grow and become more successful and profitable, you will need to develop your brand and be able to get your clients, subbies and staff excited about it as well.

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Andy Burrows