If you have been following this series of posts on building a solid marketing machine for your business, you will know that we have so far been focusing on putting the 3 critical foundation legs in place before going any further.  Those 3 legs are: segmentation (focus on your target), differentiation (stand out from your competition) and your mission (what’s your story?).

Now you can start to look at how to spend your time and money to get your message across to potential clients. This is the fun stuff, but is where serious money can start being spent, so you want to get it right.

This is where we go from strategy to tactics.  What is your actual message going to be and how do you reach your target customer?  There are literally dozens and dozens of lead generation tactics that you can use to spread your message.  Which ones do you pick? I have about 60 on my list….just for generating NEW leads, let alone options for working with existing clients.

In the interest of brevity I will just focus on why the correct choice is important and which ones to focus on.  Okay? Contact me at andy@tradescoach.co.nz if you want to see the whole list and analyse the options in more detail.

Four Factors in Picking Your Marketing Tactics

  1. Time vs Money
  2. Consistent Message
  3. Match Message to Target
  4. Enhance What Already Works

All strategies cost something; time, money or both.  You probably need to have a blend of both.  Also a blend of quicker acting tactics and longer term ones.

Make sure activities all pulling in the same direction.  Ensure the message is consistent across various channels so you increase the affect and eliminate any confusion in the minds of your target client.

Who is your target and what are their hot buttons?  Try to find out what are their fear, frustrations, wants and desires and focus your message here.

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.  If something is working, do more of it and just focus on making incremental tweaks and improvements.  So in the baby bath analogy, just add more warm water and some bubbles

Note however, what is right for YOU is probably not right for someone else and their business.  It is a blend of science and art in making the blend right. This is what I do with clients.  Customise the right solution, then test and measure how it goes and adjust accordingly

Sound interesting?  Email me and we I can help you develop the right marketing blend for your particular circumstances.  andy@tradescoach.co.nz

Andy Burrows

The Trades Coach   www.tradescoach.co.nz