This month I started another semi-group “coaching” program for 2015, called the Construction Business MasterClass, at my office in Albany. Participants are into the first “Your Foundations” diagnostic phase and already seeing the benefits of coming on-board.

I knew from my experience that participants would receive tremendous value in the 3-way analysis that is conducted on their businesses, but I was pleasantly surprised of a benefit to the program that I did not rank nearly as high as the participants themselves.

That benefit is the power of working in a group of like minded business owners and the opportunity to share their dreams, problems and frustrations with people who they don’t know (yet), but can relate to very easily. This benefit is ranked ahead of the much lower cost that the group format affords and was the key driver to most people joining. The crowd-sourcing of a solution to a problem is an effective and powerful way to approach the situation and the group has already grasped the process, like a duck to water.  The fact that they can save themselves a heap of money in the process is just a bonus!

If you have been thinking in the back of your mind that getting some outside advice on the business would be useful, but the cost and risks of signing up to an intensive 1-on-1 program are too high, I urge you to look at a group training type program. Obviously I would like it to be mine, but it doesn’t have to be. Look around in your area as to what is available, weigh up the benefits and costs of each and then DO IT. You won’t regret it, as long as you implement what you learn, steadily and consistently through the program and beyond.

For further details on how my Construction Business MasterClass works and the commitment required, send me an email to  I will send you details of how it works (quite simple), what it costs (not much) and when the next group is due to start (quite soon if demand is there)

Andy Burrows  The Trades Coach