I had a great meeting with a client today.

We figured there was another $100,000 profit at least that could be added to their bottom line, just by tweaking a few operational practices.  It is great when I can work with clients like this.  My coaching fee pales into insignificance when compared to the potential profit improvement that we identified, which is just the way I like it.  All we have to do now is IMPLEMENT IT.

Thats where it gets harder.  Making some operational changes requires knocking some people out of sloppy practices and confronting some home truths about the way things have gone on over the years.  Some people don’t like being moved out of their comfort zone.  It is understandable when it is a long term employee who is just going through the motions and collecting his regular pay, because there is no incentive to try smarter or harder.  It is less understandable when it is an owner who doesn’t want to rock the boat, especially as a significant portion of the increased profit could wind up in his pocket. Enough said.

If you want to see improvements in your business, more money in your pocket and a better life for your family, then you have to get used to the idea of trying something new, making some uncomfortable decisions and riding the (temporary) storm of discontent as new ideas are implemented.

Take heart if it is tough to take the rougher path.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and a NEW Rome won’t be either.  Just implement one new idea at a time and stick at it for a month to ensure it becomes a habit and any bugs are ironed out.  Then move onto the next thing and then the next.  Put a plan together and keep your eye on the longer term goal.

If you need help and support to bring some new ideas into your business, give me a call on 027 688 6721 or email me at andy@tradescoach.co.nz

Change is good.

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