Thanks to one of my builder clients, Dan for this post.  He sent me a link to a very interesting infographic about modern trends in marketing, and I have included that link below.

One aspect was not new at all, but maybe is coming back into vogue a bit. Focusing on customer satisfaction.  Why?  The advent of social media means it is so easy to share positive or negative buying experiences with dozens, or sometimes hundreds of people, instantly.  Problem is that lots of companies are talking about providing superior customer service, but few are delivering.  The infographic states that 80% of companies believe they deliver superior customer service……but only 8% of customers believe the same companies DELIVER that superior service.  That’s quite a disconnect.

Pretty much every client I come in contact with believes they deliver a better customer experience than their competitors.  Really?  Do your customers share your view?  Prove it! What are you actually DOING at a practical level to really deliver on your promise.  Deliver at such a high level that customers will actively share their positive experience with the average of 15 friends and family (as opposed to telling others of bad experiences with 24 people, on average)

The infographic link is HERE.

Andy – The Trades Coach