After months of anticipation, it’s finally here.  The Rugby World Cup!  Heaven for me, albeit with some early starts to the day.

One week into it and the most dramatic result in test match rugby history that I can remember has happened.  Japan defeats the (supposedly) mighty Boks! How could this happen?  Japan have only won 1 World Cup game in their history, against the lowly rated Zimbabwe. This match however was a truly David versus Goliath battle, and the little guys won.

To me it was a classic example of how superior tactics, consistently executed with passion and determination, can overcome a seemingly unbeatable competitor.  Granted, the Boks didn’t play their best game, but this was partly because they were not allowed to by the sniping David, slinging their rocks from ever changing angles, until the giant was felled.

So, if you are an owner of a little company, it is possible to take on and defeat a big competitor. It just requires figuring out the right competitive strategy and then implementing it with commitment and passion.  I love helping the little guy win, so if you want to talk about developing your unique competitive strategy, email me at


Andy.  The Trades Coach