Last week I took a day out of my business and attended a workshop on finding customers using online marketing tactics.  The purpose was two-fold.  Firstly to improve my knowledge of this fast changing space so I am in a better position to advise my clients on how they can use online marketing better.  Secondly was to see how I could use these techniques to help MY business grow.


To that end, I will be introducing a specific course into my business early in 2018 on how to use tools such as case studies, Clickfunnel web pages, Facebook ads, Google Adwords and more to improve the lead generation and conversion success for your business. Stay tuned….

Taking a full day out of your business is not easy.  We are all busy and the construction industry is particularly demanding on your time, especially as we near the silly pre-Christmas rush.  Never-the-less the benefits of taking some time out of your normal routine and focusing on “sharpening your business saw” is hugely beneficial.  The new ideas that you will gain can help you accelerate your business development, be that in revenue terms, profitability or systemisation.

Continuing to do the same things that you have always done may be enough to maintain your current position, but possibly not. If you want your 2018 results (or stress levels) to be different to where you are now, you will need to look at gaining some new ideas and some outside advice. My clients who have joined one of my Construction Business MasterClass groups know this.  New ideas, business tools and skills that help them move their business to where they want to go.

Think about committing some time to invest in yourself in 2018.  There is no better investment than a better performing business.