Most people run their businesses the way they always have.  That may be the right way or not, but right or wrong it’s “comfortable” to do it that way.  Even if the results are not what you want or need, sometimes it’s just too uncomfortable to make the necessary changes.  Sometimes changes may be forced upon an owner, like during the GFC and having to batten down the hatches to just survive. But when things pick up again, they go back to familiar old habits and don’t use the opportunity to make lasting and significant changes.

Being a true Leader however comes with it the opportunity and responsibility to make deep and lasting changes to your business.  It takes a bit of bravery to do this and sometimes willingness to change oneself before changes in the business can be achieved. Nobody said it would be easy. Being a positive leader will help inspire those team members around you to follow your vision for the business, as long as that vision is clearly set out and is positive.

If this makes you think that you ned to be some Braveheart type character, screaming “follow me into battle!”, or “glory or death!”, it doesn’t have to be.  A clear plan and quiet determination will do just as well.  But start somewhere.  Ask yourself, when was the last time you:

  • changed the way you quote for work
  • fired a customer who was a constant complainer and slow payer
  • incentivised field staff for improving job profitability
  • changed your accounting system to one that can tell you how much REAL profit you are making on jobs
  • delegated (really delegated) more responsibilities to a key team member

Start with something in the new financial year.  Go to my website HERE and find out how I can help you achieve lasting change in your business

Andy Burrows.  The Trades Coach