Wednesday night I ran a workshop for 30 Auckland Certified Builders entitled, “Make 2013 your Best Year Ever – Build Your Marketing & Sales Machine”.  Received good feedback and some interested in having me help them improve their marketing and sales results, so was well worth the effort put in to put all the content.

What we covered:

The big problem in the construction industry, namely the Tradesman’s Death Spiral.  Cutting prices to get work, making no profits, laying off staff and doing it yourself, missing critical responses to prospects, loosing even more money, stress at home, thinking about going back on wages and giving up the dream.

How to start doing something about it, namely improve marketing and sales performance.

Stop doing one, or more, of the 5 Deadly Sins: roller coaster marketing, not following up, trying to cover the field, using only 1 marketing channel and not getting expert help.

The 7 parts of your Marketing & Sales Machine:

1.Focus (Market segmentation)
2.Be different (Differentiation)
3.Your story (Your Mission)
4.Right tactics
5.Hourglass vs funnel
6.Write compelling copy
7.Plan your work – Work your plan
In summary then, avoiding the 5 Deadly Sins and putting some systems around the 7 parts to your Marketing & Sales machine and you can close that gap between where your business is now and where you want to be this time next year.  Put some strategies in a few other places in the business as well and you could well have the best year in business ever.  For help in applying this process to YOUR situation contact me at
Andy Burrows
the Trades Coach