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For those of you old enough (like me) to remember Leonard Nimoy as Mr Spock on Star Trek may also remember the Vulcan Mind Meld trick he used to perform.  In order to understand a subject person better or uncover hidden memories, Spock would place his hands on a person’s head and mentally become one with them.  He would then be able to think as that person thinks and of course help save the day in some way.


What does Star Trek got to do with marketing for builders and trades?

In terms of marketing for builders, quite a bit it turns out. When developing your marketing and sales strategies, I want you to think, “Vulcan Mind Meld” as the first thing you do BEFORE you think about spending any time or money on implementing tactics.


Because understanding your potential client and how they think will save you a lot of wasted effort and precious resources in your lead generation efforts. It will make your building  or trades company stand out more in a crowded market and make it more likely that a prospective customer will reach out for that first conversation.  By knowing how your potential clients think and feel and by expressing that in your marketing messages, they will automatically assume you have the answer to their problem or dream.


Improve your sales effectiveness.

The Vulcan Mind Meld technique also play a big part in the sales process for builders or other trades. Achieving better conversion rates in sales is often about developing trust with a prospective customer. One element in the trust building equation is focus more on the customer’s needs and wants than boasting about how good a builder or tradesman you are. If your messages are more client-centric and directed better at the key emotional drivers of your clients, you will rank higher in their eyes and will likely achieve a higher sales price than someone with a more generic message.


How to understand your target client better.

So how can you do this without the special Vulcan skills that Spock has?  Two things that may help you in this process are Asking and Listing.  It seems pretty obvious but the first thing to try is ask past clients what were the main reasons for deciding to go with you and also asking similar people what were the main wants and fears they considered before engaging a trades person like you.  When they tell you ask WHY again.  Why is/was that important to you? Empathise with them and draw out the core emotional reasons.

Secondly, make a list.  On an A4 piece of paper draw a line down the middle.  On the left column head it up FEARS & FRUSTRATIONS and on the right: WANTS & DESIRES.  Start listing out the problems that the client is trying to get away from and on the other side, the better situation that they are trying to reach. The aim here is to become your client and think like they think.  Just like Spock!


Wrapping it up.

When you can express your target clients’ problem or dream almost better than they can, you are in the perfect place to develop your marketing offer. It will resonate with your target clients much more effectively.  This will help you achieve a much greater conversion success percentage in your sales process and probably a higher price too.

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“Live long and prosper”  Mr Spock


Andy Burrows

The Trades Coach