Who has put hours of effort into pricing a job only to loose it to someone else that the client says just, “feels better”?  Everyone, right?  This can be even more frustrating if the other guy has put in a higher bid!  Why didn’t you get the job?  Your price was competitive. You do quality work. You have the capacity to do it.  What it may come down to is that the prospective client didn’t TRUST you enough.

But you’re a trustworthy person!  Can’t they see that?  Well, probably they can’t, or at least you didn’t do enough to build up that level of trust more than the other guy did.  Certainly in the residential market in particular, building up the level of trust at the early stages of the sales process is vital to increasing your chances of securing a sale, without having to slash your price. The more you do at the start to build up the trust level, the easier the final sale will be.

So what can you do to increase that trust level.  Luckily there is a formula for trust and it can be expressed as follows:


Here are some things to do to work on each of the formula’s components:

Increase credibility through words and stories.

  • Newsletter
  • Proposals
  • Staff qualifications
  • Testimonials
  • Do your homework on the client
  • Don’t tell lies or exaggerate, ever.

Increase reliability through actions

  • Under promise and over deliver
  • Go the extra mile. Deliver in person
  • Provide useful, independent advice on the project
  • Use client-focussed language
  • Return phone calls very quickly
  • Better meet and greet

Increase intimacy through regular contact, empathy and caring.

  • Learn about family
  • “Just thinking about you” call
  • On-site visits
  • Events and entertainment.  Fun attitude (if appropriate)

Decrease self-orientation by listening more and always being client focussed.

  • Let the client fill the gaps
  • Ask open ended questions.
  • Reflective listening
  • Taking most of the responsibility for failed communications

Action exercise:  What specific actions can you do to apply improve half of the bullet points above in your sales process?

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Andy – The Trades Coach