By late this year the new consumer protection measures that have been drafted as part of the Building Amendment Act 2013 come into force.

Are you ready for this from a practical point of view? Do you have the disclosure documents, checklists and processes established in your business to both comply with the law and also make best sales advantage of these changes?

In summary, Cabinet has agreed to the proposed consumer protection measures, these measures include:

  • Mandatory written contracts for residential building work over $30,000
  • A requirement for building contractors to provide checklists and disclose certain information for residential building work over $30,000
  • Details of the minimum content that must be included in residential building contracts
  • Details of the clauses that are taken to be included in a residential building contract that does not contain all of the minimum content, or in a contract for work over $30,000 that is not in writing
  • Details of the information that a building contractor must provide to the client after the building work is completed
  • Infringement fees of $500 for breaching the contract, disclosure or checklist requirements.

These changes primarily affect builders, but any contractor in the construction industry is subject to these new rules. That includes plumbers, electricians, landscapers, etc.

I suggest you embrace the changes as fast as possible and make the best use of the positive aspects, before your competitors do.  It’s no use moaning about it; that will only make it seem worse than it is.  Carpe diem!


The Trades Coach