I want to talk to you about one of the least understood, yet vital aspects of marketing.

It is the principal that when creating an ad, a brochure, a sales letter, a web page or any other marketing piece you should COMMUNICATE WITH ONE PERSON AT A TIME.

The natural thing to do when preparing a marketing piece is to think about the masses of people that may read it and treat them as one homogeneous mass and try to reach them ALL, with a catch-all message.  The problem is that people are individuals and make individual decisions to buy, usually based on an emotional need or response.

Write a generic message to 1,000 people and you risk dividing the response effect by those 1,000 people and not achieve the success you want.

A better way is to imagine one of your class-A target customers sitting opposite you and write the message as if speaking directly to him or her.  Write about their individual needs, desires, fears or frustrations.  Writing this way will increase your response rate and if enough individuals in the target audience also get the feeling that you are talking directly to them, your total response will increase, both in numbers and more importantly in strength.

And the higher priced your product or service is, the more your target customers want to feel that you are focusing on them as an individual.  Try it monitor the results.  Then let me know your experience by contacting me at andy@tradescoach.co.nz


Andy Burrows

The Trades Coach