Business plans are a good thing thing to do for your business, but the majority end up to be just a bunch of wishes and dreams because they lack the most important ingredient; ACTION.

Without taking action and implementing things, a business plan is a waste of time. That’s a real pity because often a lot of effort and enthusiasm goes into the creation of the plan, only to see it wither on the vine through a lack of action.  With that goes a lot of good ideas that could have worked, but remain just that; good ideas.  So what’s a simple way to help bring a plan to fruition?

A great tool to help you focus on the implementation end of your plan is the humble Post-It note.  I use a 1-page plan summary for my business and encourage my clients to do the same for theirs.  On this 1 A4 page is a summary of the 3-5 Vision for the business, the 12 month Goals, Projects to deliver in the next 90 days and a Post-It note with this week’s Actions.

Review the plan every week and write a new Post-It note with 5 or 6 small actions to take that will help move one of your 90 day projects one step closer to delivery.  Those actions might be as simple as making a few phone calls, writing one system document, having one meeting or similar.  Nothing that will take longer than 15 minutes.  Baby steps that are reasonably easy to do, but keep the momentum moving forward.

Action point 1.  Buy a pad of large Post-It notes and start using them to record this week’s action steps to move one of your business projects forward.

Action point 2.  Contact me to learn more about my 1-page plan technique for building and implementing a business plan for your business.

Andy.  Website: The Trades Coach