The Christchurch Press reported yesterday that despite construction being very busy, small to mid sized businesses in the industry are still going bust.

See the article here:

Should you be worried?  Probably. If not worried, you should at least be aware that things are not all glittering out there and you should look at reviewing your financial systems and your understanding of some key numbers.

Problem is many owners of trades businesses (and other industries, by-the-way) have had little or no training in financial management and don’t know what they should be looking at anyway.  Many hate the very idea of paperwork and numbers and get a headache just thinking about it.  Does that sound like you?

I, on the other hand, quite like analyzing numbers and showing people what are the key numbers they should be looking at on a regular basis, how to simply calculate them and what to do to improve them.

Would you like to learn a bit more about the numbers in your business and how to better manage them?  Email me HERE and I will send you details of my training module for trade business owners called “Your Financial Focus”.  In this we look at:

  • A simple budget process to help you look forwards, not backwards
  • What key numbers are critical for you and how to measure them
  • How to improve those key numbers
  • Checking your charge out rates and if they are too low, or too high
  • Improving your credit control and get paid faster
  • and lots more

You can be the best tradesman in the world with heaps of work coming in the door, but if you don’t have a grip on the numbers in your business, you can soon be out of business.  Do something about it today.


Andy Burrows  –  web: The Trades Coach