Choose your customers – Narrow your focus – Dominate your market.

“No company can be successful today if it attempts to be all things to all consumers. Rather, the most successful  companies–the Market Leaders–select a unique value that they alone deliver to their chosen market better than anyone else”. –  Treacy & Wiersma


The 3 Key Decisions.

  1. Thevalue proposition; what is it that will make us attractive to the customer?
  2. The value-driven operating model; what structure and culture will we need to deliver the valueproposition?
  3. The value discipline; what will we need to build our operating model and value proposition around in order to become the best in thatmarket?


Value Discipline 1. Operational Excellence

Is about providing best priced middle market products with the least inconvenience. Operational Excellence combines the value of low price with an operating model geared to deliver repeated hassle-free service.


Value Discipline 2. Customer Intimacy

Is about fixating on building long-term customer relationships through customisation, delivering specifically what each customer wants. Customer Intimacy combines the value of best service with a flexible operating model that enables doing what it takes for each selected customer.


Value Discipline 3. Product Leadership

Is about offering pioneering products that customers may not know they want/need. Product Leadership combines the value of having the best product with an operating model that continually delivers successive new products.


Key point

No company can simultaneously excel at delivering market leading performance in all three value disciplines. This is because each disciplines requires completely different operating processes, different ways of thinking and behaving. When a company choses one ‘lead’ discipline to excel in they are placed to become market leaders.

Conversely, when a company attempts to excel in all three disciplines they become, at best, mediocre at all and will oscillate in the market.


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Andy Burrows  –  The Trades Coach