Efficiency Through Better Technology

In the battle to improve field profitability there is an important debate to have. Do you focus primarily on Productivity or Efficiency? Although both terms seem similar there is an important difference and one that will shape your overall business response, depending on which one you focus on.

Productivity is all about packing in the maximum output in a given time. It has a quantity focus. Efficiency focuses on looking at a fixed amount of work (in a project for example) and aiming to do it with less wasted time. It has a higher weighting on quality. The ultimate situation of course is to achieve BOTH increased productivity and increased efficiency, but it’s a fine balance to get right.

Most of my clients aren’t in the mass production market segment and so focusing on improving efficiency first makes more sense. There are many ways to improve efficiency but one strategy that is easier to implement now than it ever has been is through better use of technology.

Computers and Software. Necessary Evils?

In a recent survey I conducted with Auckland Certified Builders, I asked them to list their 3 main frustrations in business.  Answers were a bit varied, as one might expect, but common complaints were: cash flow, running multiple projects, budget blowouts on projects and too longer hours. Although there is no magic bullet for these…